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Thu Feb 27, 2003 2:32 pm

This seems to be one of the largest PHP sites. I really don't know much about php and should probably buy a book about it. :oops: However....

I'm wondering if it would be pretty simple to set up a sortable table. I would like to set up the <table> I have on my page so that a user can sort by each column (like or hotmail does for example). Again, I only know a few <? statements and don't know how to integrate it with MySQL and stuff. My website is on and it does support php, but I don't know about any other setups that may be necessary for what I need to do. Please let me know, or if you have any other php forums you could suggest. :roll:

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Thu Feb 27, 2003 11:49 pm

Ok, you don't know PHP so explaining in detail would probably be a waste of time.

I will tell you how I would do it and hopefully you can get somewhere.

I would use arrays and sort the arrays.

You can also look for tutorials at or

also I could probably put something together for you very cheaply. Let me know.


Sun Mar 02, 2003 9:11 pm

I thought I'd throw out another post here just in case anyone else has any quick tips for this beginner's issue I'm having. :?

I'll probably see if Redcircle can do some of the dirty work for me, but again; I'm hoping there is not a whole lot to set up in terms of sql or the database itself. I'm not hosting my website on my own computer, so I would like to keep it pretty simple. If you'll look at the table I want sorted on my site, it is not something that I will be updating very often - so it's not complex. However, will this php table be able to keep the links or any other html I have in each cell?

Thanks again, my expert friends. I am a computer science major in college right now, so this shouldn't be too hard for me once I understand how to set it up.


Thu Apr 10, 2003 10:18 pm

I'd have to start paying extra for MySQL on my site if I wanted to use it. Can you do any simple database management solely with php (like this sortable table I'm trying to do)?

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