What is XML sitemap and how to create that ?



Hello everyone,
What is XML sitemap and what's the use of that ?
How can i create XML sitemap for my website ?
Thank You!
XML site map is created to show our all urls of the site to the search engine in one go so that it can Indexes all our link and its content and save it in its database. We can create XML site maps through XML site maps dot com.
XML Sitemap is designed for the robots of the search engines. It tells the search engine bots the lists of URL the site has indexed. They are not visible and understandable to normal internet users.
XML sitemap is used for website crawling, There are lots of online tools and sites available to create sitemap
XML sitemap is helpful for search engine. Search engine come on sitemap.xml and list all the url from there and index in their library.
There is so many sites. Create your sitemap and upload it on root.
The purpose of a site map is to spell out your Web site’s central content themes and to show both search engine spiders and your visitors where to find information on your site.
XML sitemap contains list of URL's of website, it is used for website crawling in search engines..