What is Difference between XML sitemap and Html sitemap?



Can anyone tell me,
What is Difference between XML sitemap and Html sitemap?
Just the format. xml is the preferred format the last time I checked, and there are plenty of free generators online, including those offered by search engines. Your best bet is to generate them regularly with webmaster tools and manually upload them to the targeted search engines in addition to saving a copy on your server. That way you don't have to wait until the site is crawled again to benefit from updated maps.
Xml Sitemap is helpful for Search engine. In xml sitemap, all the url are listed there. Google bot come on the sitemap.xml and index that page.

Sitemap.html is for the front end user. They can easily locate the correct file.
According to Barry Schwartz's article about HTML and XML sitemaps, HTML sitemap "is an old school landing page for users to find all (or most) of your pages on your web site via single page" while XML sitemap "can also be multiple files, but they are not visible to a user, only a search engine spider."

Using HTML Sitemap both users and spiders can chew on it, according to Matt from Google when asked by the author which he would pick between HTML and XML sitemaps.

Here's the link to the full article:

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HTML Sitemap: It's for human visitor. This sitemap accumulates all website link on one page. We can put 100 links on one page.

XML Sitemap: XML sitemap, sometimes called Google sitemap is very beneficial for your website. This sitemap provides a single location to search engine crawler to crawl all of your web pages.
Xml sitemap is for search engine purpose and HTML sitemap is for user purpose.
HTML Sitemap for Human Navigation
XML Sitemap for Search Engine’s Spider and list of URL’s
XML is more for the search engine crawlers, where as an HTML sitemap is more focused on the users.
XML sitemap is for search engines and HTML sitemap is for humans...
XML sitemap is used for search engine bots
HTML sitemap is used for humans :)
It's two different ways to get one thing)))
one for SEO
another for people view