Simple HTML code doesn't work



First check the body tag in your php code. If it is not redirecting then check the path of the file.
Your closing </head> tag in missing in the code. Take a look on it.
The problem in this code is parh. so correct this path...
First of all you should close head tag before body tag open.
May be your path is wrong.
Once try without .. (double dot).

At last, Close body tag before </html>.
It shows that your a beginner, Make some practices and find tutorials over the internet will help you a lot.
Anyways regarding to your problems tags is important since it was basic from html you have to check the open and close tags that you construct.
Next recheck the path directory. ../ is advisable to use when your about to call a file out of the folder that your file has been save, if ever you file has been save in the same folder you can just call it by its path without the ../

Hope you get the point in there. You can do it.

You can also use a markup validator like this one, which will tell you problems:

You can paste your code into direct input and it will check it for you.

Hope that helps,