Open a PDF file in a HTML document.


I have a .PDF file I want to open in an HTML document. I do not want to open it as an external PDF file, but should be integrated into a document as it appears as a PDF file. How can this be done?
But Michalio, what if i want to open the PDF file inside my page design?

You see, this is a PDF document on about ** pages. It is well formatted both as a WORD and a PDF file. So write and formatting the a new PHP or HTML file is a lot of work and nothing to start to discuss. I know there is a way to import the text.... or the file into the sites design, but i dont remember how. It must be 15 years since i did it las time. Can you please help me?
I found this Michalio:

But it was messing too much up. I need your help :help:
Pdf.js can display the pdf, and you can embed it on the page as you want. It is described on the Step 2

If you want to use the converter that you found you need to use their API: