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HTML 5 supports form validation in some browsers now, I've started using it and using the code (PHP/JS) as a backup. Opera will probably be the first to support it completely, but when it's in regular use we can say goodbye to all those annoying scripts to validate an email!
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t validates the HTML page if the html tags,attributes and other characteristics are up-to-date. If you have not known before, their are many versions of html, and I think that the most recent today is xhtml.

By validating the html pages,validators can see whether the pages' html properties are still suitable for what is allowed by the internet governing body W3C.
Html validations use for various reasons like:
* If the user filled in the entire requirement fields.
* If the user input a valid entry such as date according to its format.
* If the user entered text in a numeric field.

It has the purpose for indicating the data validations was correct. Using the validations it is easy to navigate and give the information to the user. You could use the JavaScript or else the Ajax for the validations.

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HTML Validator validates the HTML string/record for well-formedness and consistency with w3c principles. It tries to make utilization of the doctype announcement to assess the record structure however will turn to best practice if unmatched. The validator will report on missing or invalid attributes, unknown tags, unclosed tags and more.
You can validate forms using JavaScript and browser supplied validation
Username: <input type="email" name="usrname" required>
required> in the end wil help you