how to remove google ads


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as can you see there is some google ads (120 pixel) on right (!) . If you are bored from these or if you have
a small monitor , you can remove them fully using an adblocker .

For example using latest Firefox with the Adblock v.5 d3 extension you'll see nothing on left .
I think you could easly find also some adblocker for IE .

I am suggesting this because I received some bad feedback from users with small monitor/resolutions
on another similar python forum I have/host.

By the way a "once a time" click on these sponsor will only help this forum to survive ,
nothing else.

Bye :)
I only see them on them on the right... don't bother me though.
They a re nto a problem as i beliver and for those who want to remove them: they will find the way to do that.
But Graz, how about making them a bit more seemless? like "fitting" the overal design? try with the colors as you can change the background to be much better.. As well as the buttons shoudl most problably fit a bit more ;) Write to me on MSN and i we can talk about it then
i suggest you read the post again (about 100 times if needed) and actually try to see the solutions, as it is there in plain text :p (yepp im cranky today!)