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i create a web site but when i search it in google ,google cnnt find it ,i dont have this problem in yahoo,
please help me!!!
same with me too, but it takes about 3-4 weeks for search engine to crawl your website.. try to put some google link or google search on your website and then they can track your website.. it takes about 3 weeks i think
why not use meta...
just like this:
<meta name="keywords" content="content keywords here"></meta>
put this to your index
raminkit said:
i create a web site but when i search it in google ,google cnnt find it ,i dont have this problem in yahoo,
please help me!!!

you have to use your site name is not in image instead of this you use <h1> tags.
Search on goggle search by input your website full URL (e,g: to check whether your website already submitted.

If no, then go to and submit your website URL.

If yes, then mean you already indexed by google. In this case, you need to work out on your content (keyword and keyword density) to improve your SERP so your website will display in first page of the search result.
You need SEO and some time to come up with this problem.

For SEO I will suggest you to watch some youtube video and try to complete on page SEO,
after doing this your website may come up in search and putting your website on top you need off page SEO.
You can start with SEO for your website.Do quality link building techniques after 1 month you will get your brand name in first position..
I suggesting you, Your website need to submit all search engine submission. It will take some time to crawl your website.
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Kindly look at these...

I hope that it will help you a lot.
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Folks, this post if from 2005, i'm sure that the OP had his site listed on google.
Check your website has any errors or else submit your website to Google Web master tools..
Submit your website in Google Web Master tools or else check whether any errors in the website..
It seems google hasn't indexed your website yet. I would suggest you to create sitemap.xml of your website, upload it to your website, create webmaster account of your website, and upload sitemap.xml link there.
to make your website easier to appeared in google, you should add some meta tags for indexing your website

<meta name="robots" content="index"/>
This is a current instruction:

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