Create a Form connect with a DataBase in WEB


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Hi everyone.

I designed a form to provide information through the user in Excel VBA.

My goal is that users can enter their data through the web and without installing any software and do this from everywhere, and the data will be stored in a database, I mean I want to design the same form as a web page.

I asked a question here

The suggestion was to use MySql as a DataBase instead of Excel + Php or Html.

Is there a ready-made sample form, even if it is very simple, for example, entering the names of students along with their ages in two columns, from which I can learn this?

I have no knowledge of writing PHP or HTML code, although I have the ability to learn it.

Also ask this Q in

Thanks in advance.


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These are different technologies, so the solution will be also different.
Try to write the code based on this tutorial:
This is not the best way how to do that, but for now it will works :)