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after 10+ years work for several companies ... am open to accept some new project(s),
i mean small projects (medium+ is for fulltime) which I can build / fix / change in free time.
(i have fulltime job, so am able to spend 10-30 hours per week, maybe more ... it is motivation dependent)

I have experience with:
- php (prefer), mysql (prefer)
- older projects, projects from scratch, for several people to millions of people per month.
- frontend issues
...during these years i tried high number of technologies (search engines - ElasticSeach, Sphinx, other languages - Ruby, Go, Python, scraping technologies - Scrapy, own written things, several framework - Zend, CodeIgniter, Symfony, yii ... small one Slim, Limonade, several CSS framework, automatic VPS installation - ansible, technologies like docker...vagrant, versioning in git/svn...redis, know, things are changing fast).

So, if you have something (or want to start something), we can chat about it and will see whether it has sense or no.
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