SYNTAX error: unexpected 'fname' (T_STRING)

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I am trying to write some code to extract some information from a form using PDO.
the line that gives the error is:

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 $parms = array(
The error is on the first item of the array, but I guess each element would give the same result.
This part of the code sets up an array which is then executed with the following line:
if (!$stmt->execute($parms))
I was getting errors on the previous 2 lines, but I seem to have cleared that.
Here are the previous lines:

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 $sql = 'INSERT INTO senior_dat(fname,sname,email,dob,addr,phone,mob,bmfa_no,caa_no,rewd,fam,ctry,ctry_bmfa,bdf,payopt,pay,date,sign)
                VALUES (:fname, :sname, :email,:dob, :addr, :phone, :mob, :bmfa_no, :caa_no, :rewd, :fam, :ctry, :ctry_bmfa, :bdf, :payopt, :pay, :date, :sign);
        $stmt = $conn->prepare($sql);
I can send you the complete file if you think that will help!
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Is the error pointed exactly to the line with the array?
The code looks fine, so maybe there is another place where the fname is placed in wrong way
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