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Funny thing when you get so hung up on things because a small glimpse of a feeling of mastery because you manage something that you haven't mastered in many years. When you deal with something that is structured and you forget to be structured yourself😂🤪 I have developed some different PHP files for a CMS I am putting together, and just thought that I would put those files in this and those different directories. Until now, I have tested the different files that can be opened in the browser. Now I have reached the point where I can open index.php to test how this works when everything is sewn together. This is something that I now know in retrospect, I was very careful to note before for post-checking and a map that saves me the task I am about to start on now. It's extra work, but someone has to do it. I have to go through each individual file and see what I have named each individual directory, and which files are linked to each other. Fun? NOT!

Moral of the day: Don't start a major task until you have a plan (written and drawn down)

Does anyone recognize themselves?
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