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Hello everyone. I'm a self learner that is very new to programming.

Write a function(use native php) that accepts an array of opening or closing tags (for example, “<a>”, “</td>”) at the input, and returns the result of the correctness check: i.e. whether the sequence of tags accepted by the function is the structure of a valid HTML document. For example, the sequence “<a>”, “<div>”, “</div>”, “</a>”, “<span>”, “</span>” is the correct structure, and the sequence “<a > ”,“ <div> ”,” </a> ”- incorrect structure.

Your other two questions were specific enough to just need a single trick to solve; this one is a lot more open ended though. If you're just getting started you might want to look at something simpler.

Why write it at all when you simply can validate the HTML Online ?


That's what I did:

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function checkTag($tag)

    $arr = [];

    $startTag = ['<html>', '<head>', '<body>'];

    $pairsTag = ['<html></html>', '<head></head>', '<body></body>'];

    foreach ($tag as $value) {
        $curr = $value;

        if (in_array($curr, $startTag)) {
            array_push($arr, $curr);
        } else {
            $prev = array_pop($arr);

            $pair = "{$prev}{$curr}";

            if (!in_array($pair, $pairsTag)) {
                return false;

    return count($arr) === 0;

var_dump(checkTag(['<head></head>', '<body></body>'])); // true
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