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Hello, I am new to php but I am trying to create a script that will
1. automatically log me in to a bookmaker website (any) &
2. place a bet on a horse race.
Because the horse racing schedule/venue changes every day, I would be happy if I can just place a bet on the next race off. Many of the bookmakers have a link for this for example;

Any advice welcome! How to automatically bet '£ x' on 'horse #1'/or the favourite with account 'Test1''.

I suspect any attempt to do this would ring alarm bells on the chosen site, which may end up in a ban.

I would ask why you would want to write a script to do that? It seems to be a convoluted way of doing something.

If it is something that you really want to do, then I would suggest that you contact them.

Essentially I'm keen to learn a bit more about Betting bots. The use of Betting Bots is fairly well established, I've not heard of anyone being banned, I'm a paying customer (except, I imagine if you combine it with scraping a site? which I'm not doing).
The idea behind it is you can place multiple bets during the day without needing to be in front of your pc/phone. There are some advanced betting bots out there but I was hoping to treat it as a training project, therefore was going to start with a simpler version such as placing a bet on 'the next race' rather than a specific race/time.

I will still suggest contacting your bookies if this is the case, as they will probably already have a route that they are happy with.

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