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I am wondering if there is a script or scripts out there that can do the following that I need to add to a form

Take a state and when picked it would only show the zip codes for that state. I know there are lists out there to buy for zipcodes and I am willing to buy that but need the logic.

Any ideas or resources?

You might be able to find something that you are looking by searching for FREE APIs though ti would involve a little bit of javascript.

I did some searching myself and came across this - ... elcome.htm

Though it might not be free for long. LOL

Thank you I appreciate the information but I am not looking to validate the address. this is just a database search so someone can search by state or zip code but I need to make sure they don't choose a state like california but does not also choose zip codes from new york.

I will keep searching but having problems will support no responding for their api's ugh.

I found some autocomplete ajax tutorials so I am going to try that.
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