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Tue May 10, 2005 7:14 am

This is a part of best of the php forum in the world! In this part YOU may propose some interesting solution or little function what you used or developing.
Please DO NOT ask how to solve some problem or something else. For this you should post in other part of forum.
If somebody is asking for help in this part: the question will be deleted or moved.

1. DO NOT post a question please
2. YOU MAY post function, classes, solution what you are created by self.
3. if you wish to ask for a public opinion: in the beginin type OPINION (in the subject,
example: Subject: OPINION: multy-database class)
4. if you want private opinion from everyone in the beginin type OPINION PRIVATE (in the subject,
example: Subject: OPINION PRIVATE: multy-database class)
5. all SPAM to paid scripts will be DELETED and user may be blocked
6. DO NOT post any solutions or function what used in the phpBB or some other big project.
7. if you have a proposal to change or personal variant of solution POST IT in same post

if there are some question or proposals about the RULES write to me in PRIVATE.