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Wed Nov 18, 2020 9:51 pm

Hey guys,

So, many have probably heard of Readly. It's also my next target to hoard, after already having done a few others like them. However, I'm stuck on their image encoding.

The images they use are webp and jpg, depending on which browser and version you're using. However, they are encoded or encrypted, and I just cannot figure out how to decode them.

I'm fairly certain they are encrypted, as the are tokens in the API which give a possible decryption password. Looking at the raw files however, I'm not able to find anything or come up with any way to try and decode them. Perhaps someone here does.

I know somewhere in their javascript (, they are decoding it. The image is then put into a HTML canvas element. Using firefox browser, you can actually see it first downloads the encoded file, and then will put a blob into memory, which is the actual decoded file, and they are collecting the file by an XMLHttpRequest with responseType arraybuffer.

Who can help?
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