Wordpress + Theme + Registration form customisation



Hello there
I am trying to customise a registration form of a theme in wordpress. There is an authentication php file that has a return function with a form. I added an upload file field to that form. I even added a action="" with the folder destination ( in the form header). Sadly, i can click on it, i can make it required, but no uploaded file is send to the specified folder 'uploads'. I figured out that there is some custom js that handles the form validation and redirect automatically, if there are the right credentials. When I delete the custom js, all the registration credentials can be seen in the url. Unfortunately, my php knowledge is very limited. How can I easily add the upload file function to the form?

  1. HTML Form Changes:
    • Add the following attribute to your HTML form tag: enctype="multipart/form-data".
    • Insert an <input> element of type "file" within the form to allow file uploads.
  2. PHP File Changes:
    • Locate the PHP file responsible for form processing and authentication.
    • In that file, handle the file upload by:
      • Setting the target directory where the uploaded file will be stored.
      • Checking if the file meets any necessary validation criteria (e.g., file type, size).
      • Moving the uploaded file to the target directory using the move_uploaded_file() function.
Remember to customize the code according to your specific requirements and error handling needs.

It's essential to ensure the security of uploaded files by implementing additional measures, such as file type validation, size restrictions, and sanitizing user inputs to prevent potential vulnerabilities.