Suggestions for building a PHP/MySQL event



I'm working on a project, and I'm hoping I can get some advice on where to look to get help trying to create this. I'm still learning PHP and MySQL, so I don't know exactly where I should be looking to start this. I need to build an online event schedule. Think something that a convention like San Diego Comic Con would use, where there are able to share their schedule online. Here's the requirements for the project:

Create a simple schedule feature with the following minimum functionalities:
Ability for admin to create, edit, delete a schedule element
Ability for admin to bulk upload or bulk edit elements
Ability for admin to add panelists, guests, etc. to the schedule
Ability for user to see the schedule element, share the schedule, and bookmark it
Brief analytics for the event organizers to see which schedule is getting the most views/clicks
Key languages to highlight:
JavaScript or jQuery

Can someone send me suggestions on where I can look to find instructions/advice on how start working on this? I don't want a completed project just given to me, but I really have no clue where to start looking to learn about the specific code in PHP to help me do this.