Server crashed because of my site. Any Advice?



My hosting company has suspended my account after weeks of throttling. :help:

In the beginning they said, it's the plugins opening multiple connections and letting them to sleep. So we deactivated all the plugins but the throttling continued.

Then they said, "Our servers will only allow a maximum of 15 simultaneous connections per MySQL user, the XXXXXXX mysql user that you are using for your WordPress connection is maxing this limit out, and seemingly with very little effort. I've attached a screen shot of a utility that allows the live monitoring of MySQL connections and you should be able to see the issue rather quickly."

We fixed this by configuring the .htaccess file to terminate the Idle Queries. We have also written a script to put the cron job to run once each minute to kill sleep queries.

When the hosting company activated the account, their server crashed.

Then they said: "Your account has the most processes on the server, is using the most ram, and has the oldest processes, including many running in excess of 25 minutes, which is about how long you've been up. Most of the processes are /xxxxxxx/public_html/index.php. We're seeing a lot of processes spawned from your main site that hare showing large CPU usage."

We don't have a full-time programmer, so the one we engaged says it won't cost less that $400 to look at the scripts and clean it up. He advised we should migrate but will this solve the problem?

Has anyone experience this before? It doesn't seem to be a plugin issue. I understand that WP doesn't have persistent mysql connections. So, can this be a theme issue? By the way, I have not verified my site yet (its only 3 months old and traffic is scarce).

Would appreciate to hear any comment/help.


cpu used avg
uid user-name cpu used avg total procs spawned total procs/min t v ctxt t nv ctxts
1607 hollane 96.496 2675 1.939 96536 4636205

Appears to be caused by the WordPress installation here:

hollane3 5119 0.5 0.1 181272 44084 ? RN 21:24 0:46 /ramdisk/bin/php5 /home4/hollane3/public_html/index.php
hollane3 5213 2.5 0.1 176388 39288 ? RN 23:51 0:00 /ramdisk/bin/php5 /home4/hollane3/public_html/index.php
hollane3 5224 0.5 0.1 180684 43212 ? RN 20:12 1:07 /ramdisk/bin/php5 /home4/hollane3/public_html/index.php
hollane3 5461 0.5 0.1 182340 45072 ? RN 19:51 1:12 /ramdisk/bin/php5 /home4/hollane3/public_html/index.php
hollane3 5511 0.4 0.1 180684 43248 ? RN 20:00 1:09 /ramdisk/bin/php5 /home4/hollane3/public_html/index.php
hollane3 5688 0.5 0.1 180984 45184 ? RN 19:39 1:25 /ramdisk/bin/php5 /home4/hollane3/public_html/index.php"
It seems that you're facing issues with high CPU usage and processes related to your WordPress installation on your hosting account. You tried deactivating plugins and implementing measures to address idle queries, but the problem persisted. Hiring a programmer is expensive, and migrating to a new host might help. Contact your hosting provider for guidance, review your theme and plugins for inefficiencies, and optimize your WordPress installation. Consider migrating if the issue persists.