Godddy and email relays




I have the misfortune of sorting out a godaddy self managed dedicated server, it requires out going email to be relayed through their relay sever and I am struggling with the configuration for this and godaddy are no help.

I believe I can set it up in the php.ini file but, lol, I cant seem to get it to work.

The server was setup using vestacp and uses round cube web based email client. all seems to be correct it recieves email from outside, so mx etc is correct.

There is an application that uses php mail() to send control data from various domains to to various hosts

The relay server is "dedrelay.secureserver.net" I think, lol they (godaddy) can't even confirm that for me.

As I said I think it can be configured globally in php.ini but I cannot make it work

Hoping for a bit of help with this.