I’m thinking this topic probably hasn’t come up. I did a search on ezatmail and didn’t come up with anything. I just started playing with PHP, so bear with me if I don’t understand it all. I am working on an IBM zos 2.2 mainframe. As part of the USS (Unix Systems Services) side of the system, sendmail will be going away in the next os release. But there is a bridge program, ezatmail, from USS to the SMTP server on the zos side. I have a simple mail php set up for the web page I created. As far as the ezatmail program, I can send email via command line and it works as it supposed to. I guess my question here is what happens when this is in your php
mail( "$webmaster_email","Feedback Form Results",$msg );
Is it calling a function within php and then that calls sendmail in unix? I know I can’t replace mail with ezatmail. Just trying to figure out how to get php to use ezatmail vice sendmail.
Thanks for your patience and you time.