I search for a code in php that control passwords for control piracy

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Fri May 24, 2019 10:47 pm

I search for a code in php that control passwords for control piracy...

My idea is simple:

1.- I have a Windows Software...

2.- I need the program call a php - for example, in vb, using the Microsoft Internet Control - sending to the php page the username and password of the registered user and create a session and also the php code send some important data to the internet control in vb...

3.- When the registered user close the Windows Software, call to a php code that erase the session...

3.- IMPORTANT: if another person from another ip attempt to connect with same username and password while the first user is connected with session, the php code create a new password and send an email to the registered user with the new password...

4.- Will be wonderful if the php code also have he possibility of receive from paypal the data of the client when purchase the software and automatically create an username and password and send to the client email...

Exits any php code created - inclusive if is needed purchase - that control all of this???

Thanks in advance for yours aids!!!

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