How many / what type / what size of monitors for web dev?

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I want to work with phpStorm and dataGrip from jetBrains. Lets assume I want to be a php / laravel / javaScript / jquery (or maybe Vue or some #1 framework) dev. I know that the options are:

1) 2 x 27" monitors (people say that this option is the best)

2) 3 x 24-25" monitors (24" seems to be the standard solution with the three set up)

Anything else? I mean, any other options that could be better than this, and what should I pick? Also:

a) If I would have 2 screens, what I would be viewing on this (as it would be better if I could imagine this before making a choice).
- Screen 1 - phpGrip, / laravel docs,, tutorials (or some other source of tutorials) and code on the other screen
- Screen 2 - phpStorm, browser; some other things, like Slack chat, Stack Overflow; I am not sure

How would I spread it out?

b) What screen parameters would I need? When I look at the box of what I purchased 8 years ago it is something like this (and there can be more parameters which are not on the box) - eMachines, Wide TFT LCD Flat Panel Monitor, 20" Widescreen/51cm, 16:9 Aspect Ratio, 1600x900 Resolution, 50000:1 Max Contrast Ratio, 5 ms Response Time.

Thanks a lot! Any info on the screens would be great.

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