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optiontips.in complaints

Postby profit123 » Tue Nov 08, 2011 10:23 pm

The webhosting provider we are using is not good, we

want to change to another one.

we are using linux and php and we have a very small

mysql (only 100k) db.

we move the site, export & import the db, check all the

table is completely upload to the new hosting.

we move all the php pages, update the config.inc.php for

the new db name and locations.

But we have encounber one problems here, can someone

help me. the error message as follow:

Warning: html_entity_decode() [function.html-entity-

decode]: charset `UTF_8' not supported, assuming iso-

8859-1 in


ml/contactus.php on line 44

and in the file, line 44 is as follow:

<td class="link1"><div style="overflow:auto;

height:430px; width:660px;"><?=html_entity_decode

($rs->fields["description"], ENT_QUOTES,"UTF_8")?


i use phpinfo.php to check both server, the older one is

4.4.4-8+etch6 and the only difference about encoding is

in Configuration PHP Core's default_charset has "no value"

in the new 5.2.17 server.

i don't think i can change the server as it's a sharded one

but if i remove the whole line, the page cannot show, can

any expert can teach me what should i do to get ride of

this error message? (other then this error message, the

page appear perfectly ok)

i try to use comment '//' or '##' but it's will block

everything appear in the page afterward.

million thanks for your help in advance.

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