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Free Hosting for Projects

Post by keith » Fri Jul 08, 2011 3:53 am

My name is Keith Morrison-Williams
I have 2 servers(4 in total - 2 redundant)
I own this equiptment and the lines plus the building.
I am offering free hosting to project builders ie if you want to create a new website business
everyone is now saying whats the catch - I am human so here is all the gumph
yes all the servers are running windows OS, 1 is 2003 and 2 is 2008
all the usual updates and installs done, UPS just incase,ect,ect
I have clients on these servers too.
and yes here it is, no cpanel - not paying for some free stuff on their automated installs.
if you want something set up from the server side then I do this - for security purposes (email me - usually about all times of the day)
self install - well joomla upload installation to ftp account and then web install - works just fine so others should work.

My business name is KMW IT Services Ltd
I have a reseller account with net earth one a domain registrar and I get alot of discount on domains.
I have webdesigners use my servers without issue

condition - I will provide free hosting including email but when you have finished building I would like your site to say "spondered hosting by KMW IT Services Ltd" with a hyperlink on this.I would also retain the right to refuse as all projects to be suggested to me before I provide free hosting (PS no hidden charges)

this will be limited to the first 100 projects I agree to

If you have any questions please PM me or visit my website for contact details - I do appear at the top of google when searching my company name.

If you think this wont be for you - PM/email/phone me as I have direct control on these servers and hardware. try me - you may be suprised

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