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Sun Sep 01, 2002 3:26 pm

...I have just installed the PHP module version 4.2.2
My old scripts don't work nomore! My variables aren't passed pages by pages, this is due to a new default setting: "register_globals" are set to OFF.

Do someone know how to set this value to "ON"?

Thank you very much!


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New php-forum User
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Sun Sep 01, 2002 6:20 pm

You'd have to contact your ISP/Hosting company to have that option done. I'm pretty sure thats how you do it. I don't know if there is any way else.

Ken COoper
Thanks for your help!


Mon Sep 02, 2002 10:41 am

Given that the first thing you've said is "I've just installed", I'm going to presume you've got a local copy running :D

If you're running Windows, go to c:\windows (or WINNT depending on your OS) and edit your php.ini file. You need to find a line starting with register_globals and you can set it on from there!

Not sure about linux OS's, but it shouldn't be too hard to find!

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