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Wed Apr 16, 2003 3:27 pm

How exactly do you perform this (delete tables)?
And also, how do you delete entire databases?


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Wed Jun 25, 2003 10:44 am


I do not know if I have understood the question properly... Do you want the SQL syntax to delete tables and databases, or do you want to know how to do it using phpmyadmin?

I will begin with the second option... Just follow the right path through the interfaces of phpmyadmin :) Select a database, you'll have the list of tables belonging to that database and you can update/delete/empty them. Regarding the deletion of a database itself, move on to the top-level "database"...

Regarding SQL syntax:

Removing a table from a database
DROP TABLE 'table_name';

Deleting a database
DROP DATABASE 'database_name';

Hope it helps...
If not, please be more precise with your question...


PS: something completely different: are you a student in Stockholm? Because I live there too! :)

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