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Show images in php table

Postby jeffers2014 » Mon Apr 14, 2014 1:52 am

Im trying to display 5 by 3 table from an array.

My table

Code: Select all

 W1 |  W1 | W1

Code: Select all

 W2 |  W2 | W2

Code: Select all

 W3 |  W3 | W3

Code: Select all

 W4 |  W4 | W4

Code: Select all

 W5 |  W5 | W5

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$ds ='\image';
$imagefile = array("EX_W1_01.png", "EX_W1_02.png", "EX_W2_01.png","EX_W3_01.png");
echo "<pre>"; print_r($imagefile);
$file = 'blank.png';
$d = $ds.$file;

echo "<table border = 1 width=\"540px\" cellspacing=\"0px\" cellpadding=\"0px\">";
   echo "<tr>";


           // echo"<td height=60px>W$row</td>";
           echo"<td height=60px>W$row<img border = 1 height = 120 width = 120 src = $d ></td>" .PHP_EOL;

   echo "</tr>";

echo "</table>";     

my desire table output is to display the images dependent on the middle of the file name array. eg W1,W2, if Wx is not in array the cell will be display with blank.png

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 EX_W1_01.png | EX_W1_02.png | blank.png | 
 EX_W2_01.png | Blank.png  | blank.png | 
 EX_W3_01.png | Blank.png  | Blank.png | 
 Blank.png        | Blank.png   | blank.png |
 Blank.png        | Blank.png   | blank.png |

Thank you very much

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Re: Show images in php table

Postby seandisanti » Mon Apr 14, 2014 8:22 am

Like with any other programming situation there are a few ways to accomplish this. I think the right way would be with css, you can set a min-width for each column and that would take care of it. You could also use a ternary expression like:

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echo empty($array[$column][$row])?'no picture':'picture';

except replace those strings with strings to display what you want of course

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