Is PHP-CLI being abandoned?

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Is PHP-CLI being abandoned?

Postby pizzini79 » Sat Feb 01, 2014 11:05 am

Hi guys, in 2007 I began using PHP-CLI as a general purpose language, I've tried turbovision port library, and Winbinder, those projects were at alpha stage at that time, I needed more power (calls to WIN32 api) and I quit php.
Now 7 years later!! I wanted to resume (coz i like php cli) , and look again for more new powerful libraries for CLI, and there's nothing new (at all!), php-cli it is completed abadoned, Winbinder, turbovision, newt, all are dead abandoned, no win32 api wrapped. Am i right?, the wish of php being an standalone language is abandoned?

Thank u, wish i'm wrong.

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