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How to style p and br tags inside of php text?

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How to style p and br tags inside of php text?

Postby delfinparis » Wed Jan 15, 2014 11:34 am

Hi - quick question. Total newbie to php and can't find the answer on Google (although this should be easy). How do I add paragraph or break tags to the coding below? It's an email that is sent out via php. Just want to make sure I don't blitz the code. Thanks!

$subject = "[FamousFollowers] Your Twitter Report is Ready";
$message = "Hi ".$row->user_nicename." \r\n\n Let's find out if some famous peeps follow you! \r\n\n Click <a href='".site_url()."'>".site_url()." </a> and then reauthorize with Twitter. Your verified accounts will show up seconds later! \r\n\n Thank you, \r\n D.J. with Famous Followers (P.S. Your data is saved for the next 48 hours - if you click on the site after that we'll run the report again. Oh yeah, and tell your friends about us!)";

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