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Beginner problem

Codes here !

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Beginner problem

Postby Bungeeee » Sun Sep 08, 2013 7:17 am

Hello everyone,

I have a problem regarding PHP/MySQL.
I've been learning PHP, along with HTML/CSS/jQuery (jQuery just started), for a month now, without any prior programming/markup experience, so be soft here. :P

Anyways, I've come across a problem I can't solve and I'd be grateful if someone here can solve it for me. I have a leaning more towards the front-end development, so I kinda suck at PHP (haven't really done anything in more than a week), but I would like to know the basics at least. Hope someone answers, thank you in advance.


Let's say we have a database called 'store', a table called 'movies' and a table called 'reservations'. I need to create a .php page with movie titles (let's say the column is named 'movienames') sorted alphabetically, for example:

Almost Famous
American History X
Apocalipse Now

I should create a link on every title that leads to another page we can call 'reservations.php'. There, we should list the schedule of reservations for a certain movie. Obviously, there should be a primary key ('movienames') from movies in 'reservations' as a secondary key. We should also have a date column, let's call it 'resDate' and one more secondary key from another table (video store users for example) we can call 'users'. We should format it like this:

Almost Famous
Monday, Marko
Saturday, Eric
Sunday, Ivan

That's basically it, I should also have a link on 'reservations.php' that leads to the main page we can call 'index.php'.

Thx again!

P.S. I'm sure it's an easy task for you, but I'm really awful at PHP and I neglect it whenever I can. Also, sry if anything language-wise is bad, english = my 2nd language.
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New php-forum User
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Re: Beginner problem

Postby johnj » Sun Sep 15, 2013 6:01 am

so, what is the problem?
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