javascript action and submit form

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javascript action and submit form

Post by harivallabhshukla » Sun Jul 21, 2013 5:24 am

i have given following code in javascript .Here k and m are javascript variable

above code execute correctly when my html form has method POST.Below is my html page
<form name="formname" action=# method=POST>
<input type=text name="data1" value="one">
<input type=text name="data1" value="two">
<input type=button name="button1" value="send" onclick="javascritfunction();">

BUT when i give method GET in html form then html form data is submit i.e
gotopage.php?data1=one&data2=two is submitting not javascript action value i.e

so how to submit form with javascript parameter when method is GET in html form

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