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Quest, SMS platform software

Postby bagrahim » Thu May 02, 2013 11:44 pm

I want platform (software) through which my site a customer could make a "gift" to another user by sending SMS. user received a SMS to any share (%) of the integral value of SMS. In my site accept payments for certain access to services by users, but could not make "gifts" from one user to another directly. What I want:
If a user sends SMS to € 5 then the operator will pay me (on my website) about 50%. (2,5 €) I will hold% of this amount, while the other will pay for the gift recipient. I currently use a similar service from Bulgarian operator, but it operates only on the territory of Bulgaria. I want to operate at least across Europe.
Not necessarily the platform to be integrated into my site. I think it's better to work independently regardless of my site. ( , ,
Regards, Dimitar Kolev

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