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New to MySQL and PHP

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New to MySQL and PHP

Postby qim » Sat Mar 23, 2013 10:46 am


I'me less than two weeks old in this programming business but with a lot of online help have designed the basics of my first two pages of a website, with HTML and CSS. Now I need to start thinking of the "Submit" button for registry and understand that the first job is to design a MySQL table. Where do I start? I have EditPlus which does not seem to help a lot. Are there any useful tools around? Any good instructions on how to design a simple table?

I don't quite understand if I have to design a server side table, or simply the php output and the table will be created automatically.???

Thank you

New php-forum User
New php-forum User
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Re: New to MySQL and PHP

Postby Jaswinder » Thu Mar 28, 2013 10:03 am

The easiest way to create a table in sql is by using Xampp or wampp .. your choice
let me know if u want this method


another way is C prompt
go to run in start of your window / window + r

type cmd

change the path if ur sql is in another drive

c:\>..... cd\ (enter)

c:\>cd xampp (enter)
c:\>xampp>cd mysql (enter)
c:\> bin(enter)
c:\>................mysql -u root(enter)
c:\>mysql>create database databasename;
c:\>mysql>use databasename;
c:\>mysql>CREATE TABLE tablename (column_name column_type);

for inserting the values into table

c:\>mysql>insert into tablename values ();


c:\>mysql>create database classroom;
c:\>mysql>use classroom;
c:\>mysql>CREATE TABLE students (name varchar(20),marks int);

for inserting the values into table

c:\>mysql>insert into students values ('Sam',200);
c:\>mysql>insert into students values ('Azy',250);

hope i am able to help
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