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digital signature verification

Postby shanwu » Mon Mar 04, 2013 6:26 am

In android, I use the DSA algorithm to generate both private key and public key for each client APP user, I successfully encode the public key to byte array and convert from byte array to base64, then upload with other various information to the php server(for now I save the public key base64 value in the mysql database).

Is there any PHP tutorial teaching ppl how PHP deal with keys operation from what I have so far? such as get the public key's base64 value back to original DSA public key file, and decrypt msg encoded with private keys for authentication... ? I am trying to read a single public key and verify the user's digital signature which signed with user's private key.

For example, I have the public key file, UserId.key,

Code: Select all

    $fp=fopen("/public key folder/UserId.key","r");

I was trying to make the above code work, but with no luck.

Thanks in advance !! :D

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Re: digital signature verification

Postby seandisanti » Mon Mar 04, 2013 11:24 am

This page has some info, and a lot of links to other php encryption resources. ... p-encrypt/ keep in mind that it is a couple of years old, so some functions may be deprecated, but it should give you a good starting point and if anything doesn't work correctly, you can check to see if it's been replaced, removed, etc.

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