Security behind virtualhosts with enabled php

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Security behind virtualhosts with enabled php

Postby mss » Fri Feb 22, 2013 11:32 am

Hi people,
I create 2 Virtual Hosts for 2 projects
/var/www/project1 and /var/www/project2
if I call in the navigator work fun
if I call work fun too,

Suppose the Project1 is maintained by a malicious php programmer, programmer and this commit solve a script that takes a reading from the /var/www/project2 to check the files contained therein? this is possible since the apache needs to read and execute permissions on the directories of projects.

How do I make it safe?

The same happens when I enable php in home user, eg.
/home/project1/public_html ==>
/home/project2/public_html ==>

A script any Project1 can do a scan in the archives of Project2.
A script project1 can scan files in the project2.


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