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Sun Dec 16, 2012 8:19 pm

How the site Functions: Random Image site, the user clicks and the next image is loaded. Each image has its own dynamic page.

Note: I'm still learning PHP

Okay so I have several thousand images stored on the server that are all referenced in a database. Every image belongs to one of six possible categories.

What I Want To Achieve:
If a user selects a category I was considering to pull all the referenced images in a particular category, and placing them in an array to be shuffled once. Then use that array and follow the shuffled order to avoid repeated images.

The Problem:
1) Would this be significantly more demanding than just pulling random images referenced under each category from the database?
2a) Would this support several concurrent connections viewing the same category?
b) Would multiple users who are simultaneously viewing the same category have different instances(image orders) of the categorically random array?
3) Is it possible to send this array with the user from page to page and follow the image order?
ie: If the array was ordered 123, 456, 789

Then clicking three times would result in:

page?id=image123 <click> page?id=image456 <click> page?id=image789

I'm trying to avoid image repetition for a better user experience. If I had 1,000 plus connections on my site could something like this cause issues? Am I on the right track or should I be considering some other method for pulling images that are categorized?

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