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Force File Download

Postby BenRocket » Sun Dec 16, 2012 5:36 pm

I'm practicing with PHP and trying to download a file using PHP. However, the file contents just outputted to the screen. There is the code:

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   $download_path = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . "/my_cms/root/scripts/logging_in/uploaded_files";
   $filename = $_GET['filename'];
   $file = "$download_path/$file";
   if(!file_exists($file)) die("I'm sorry, the file doesn't seem to exist.");
   $type = filetype($file);
   $today = date("F j, Y, g:i a");
   $time = time();

    header('Content-Description: File Transfer');
   header("Content-type: $type");
   header("Content-Disposition: attachment;filename=$filename");
   header("Content-Transfer-Encoding: binary");
   header('Expires: 0');

What is the problem with it?
Thank you.

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