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Script help!

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Script help!

Postby strydom » Mon Nov 12, 2012 2:00 pm

Hey, i cant seem to get my lights to light up on my Arduino Uno board :(

This is my code on the server...


if ($_GET['action'] == "on") {
$file = fopen("testFile.txt","w");
fwrite($file, "1");

} else if ($_GET['action'] == "off") {
$file = fopen("testFile.txt","w");
fwrite($file, "0");

And my code on the Arduino is listening to the serial port and is waiting for N. I know this is correct as i can test it by manually sending it an N...

If you know what is wrong with my code please help me and if you need more code snippets then i will gladly post them.

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