sync of two mysql db

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sync of two mysql db

Postby wizk » Mon Nov 12, 2012 4:10 am

hi, iam new to this forum. i have a small querry.

I have installed mysql, apache in my usb. I have a website made of php and it works fine in the usb - offline. I have mysql db installed in the usb.

The same version of the site is online, I want to sync both the databases periodically by clicking a USB UPDATE button, as there is a chance of uploading the data both offline and online.

I cannot specify a particular static ip.
I will be extending this facility to my teammates at different places, so the ISP will differ.
Each teammate will have a unique code, as any member so the db can be filtered. (the membership part is ready) only the sync of db is giving us issues.

Team members, please help me out.

thanks in advance

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