Possible to detect default gateway IP of visitors?

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Possible to detect default gateway IP of visitors?

Postby chrisjarson » Fri Sep 14, 2012 12:23 pm


I own a garage door company in Montreal and recently have a new line of garage doors where users can type the default gateway of the SSID broadcasted from my new garage doors( basically my garages doors have a built-in router) and login from their computer or phones by typing in the default gateway or DNS, this way they can control their garage doors from the internet if they are in range of the signal broadcasted from my doors.

The following would help me A LOT!:

1.Is it possible to have a php script on my website that automatically detects the default gateway IP of the visitor's?

2. Anybody willing to offer me a price to make this script? :D

Thanks, :D

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