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Abstract class, singleton pattern and database

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Abstract class, singleton pattern and database

Postby slacker » Sat Aug 18, 2012 11:06 am

Hi everyone,

I'm starting to code a web platform with php 5.3 + MySQL and i'm trying to coded this abstract class

Code: Select all
include_once '../eEstadoConexion.php';  // --> Enum for connections states

class cConexionMySQL
   //   Atributos
   private $_IP_Servidor;
   private $_Nombre_DB;
   private $_Puerto;
   private $_NombreUsuario;
   private $_Password;

   private $_Conexion = NULL;

   private $_EstadoConexion = eEstadoConexion::_Cerrada;
   private static $_Instancia = NULL ;

   //   Getters ...
        //      Setters ...
        //      Other functions ...

I extended the class cUsuarioMySQL from the class i just wrote.

Code: Select all
include_once "../abstractas/cConexionMySQL.php";

final class cUsuarioMySQL extends cConexionMySQL
   //   Atributos
   private static $_Instancia = NULL;
   private $_SQL_ValidarUsuario = "call sp_Veterinaria_ValidarUsuario(?,?, @registro)";

   //   Constructor
   private function __construct ( )

   //   Obtenedor de instancia
   public static function obtenerInstancia ( $pIP_Servidor, $pNombre_DB, $pPuerto, $pNombreUsuario, $pPassword )
      if ( !( self::$_Instancia instanceof self) )
         self::$_Instancia = new self ( );
         self::$_Instancia -> setIP ( $pIP_Servidor, $pPuerto );
         self::$_Instancia -> setNombreDB ( $pNombreDB );
         self::$_Instancia -> setNombreUsuario ( $pNombreUsuario, $pPassword );

      return self::$_Instancia;

        //  Other functions ...

And this is the way i used the extended class..

Code: Select all

include_once 'clases/datos/cUsuarioMySQL.php';

$nombre = "user";
$password = "password";

   $conexion = cUsuarioMySQL::obtenerInstancia("localhost", "db", 3306, "user", "password" );
catch( Exception $ex )
    echo $ex -> getMessage ( );

And here it is the problem... When i execute the code i keep getting a Error de HTTP 500 (Internal Server Error) from google chrome (Also tried this on firefox and i get the same result) and i don't know why, yet. I googled and the way i coded isn't wrong as far as i know. I tried also to change the singletton pattern to the class that extend the cConexionMySQL class. Also tried changing the self

Someone know where is the bug ???

New php-forum User
New php-forum User
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Re: Abstract class, singleton pattern and database

Postby NigelRen » Sat Aug 18, 2012 11:56 pm

You should be able to look at the server log files to see what errors - if any are being recorded. Have a look at the apache log files.
php-forum Active User
php-forum Active User
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Re: Abstract class, singleton pattern and database

Postby johnj » Tue Aug 21, 2012 9:01 pm

Try a simple example in php like a hello world example without using objects and classes and see if you are able to access this example/page from your server. If you cannot access/run this example then you know the problem has nothing to do with abstract classes, the problem is with your set up.
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php-forum Super User
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