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php jobs in berlin

Postby ujkugri » Thu Jul 19, 2012 12:37 am

Some PHP dev are needed in berlin, contact me at

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With sports shoes spare Hefei 11 blade thief Kuang

Postby nancymini8h » Thu Aug 16, 2012 8:36 am

11 people burglary, theft black hands touch all over, According to the prosecution alleged, from September 2009 to March 2011, when in Hefei the the defendant Wangmou Qinmou 11 time-sharing together, take inserts unlock other means, in Hefei Yaohai Mingguang Road Huishang a group quarters, the pathway of Hefei No. 38 Middle School dormitory, exchange Linyuan district through the open area, Luyang District Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Bozhou Road, Chang Park Village, Shushan Phoenix, the Feidong shop Buzhen Salt company quarters, Pack River District, Pack River Court, Shushan Cheonggyecheon Road Comfortable Housing Court, nearly a hundred small areas burglary 288 from.
, Wangmou involved in 220 cases, theft, the amount of 52 million yuan; Qinmou involved in 183 cases, theft, the amount of 45 million yuan; Wang Moumou involved in 187 cases, theft, the amount of 43 million yuan; Wangmou loyalty involved in 75 cases, theft amount to 20 million yuan and HK $ 1200; the Wang Moujie involved in 68 cases, the theft amount of 18 million yuan, HK $ 1200; Chen participate in the 169, the amount of 38 million yuan; Liu so and so involved in 68 cases of theft amount of $ 180,000, HK $ 1200; the Humou involved in 29 cases of theft, the amount of more than 80,000 yuan, more than 2 million yuan and the total amount of the case involved theft.
robbery proceeds of stolen goods the defendant Wangmou, who sold defendant Tianmou, Hwang. Some of them are stolen goods was Tianmou sold to the defendant Zhang.
the winter to March 31, 2011, Mr. Liu (a pseudonym) knowing defendant Wangmou, Wang Moujie in Hefei has participated in the criminal activities of stealing other people's property, is still to provide shelter for them for a long time, and in Police arrested Wang Moujie for Wangmou tipped off.
when committing the crime with sports shoes spare called The basis for the trial, the prosecution evidence from this 11-member gang to be called Hefei the Procuratorate court presented indictment, since September 2009, the gang began committing the crime, each of theft ranging from stolen several hundred dollars to as many as tens of thousands of dollars. Crazy the number of crime is also really staggering, and in May 2010, the gang crime a total of 23 times the approximate daily crime, the highest single month of the gang committing the crime the record for most.
Review of the modus operandi of the gang range from the other side, you can find, after nearly three years of toiling, the gang has been stealing all over the various districts and counties in Hefei from Yaohai, LuYang, District, Shushan District to Feixi County faction town, there are records of the gang's collective crime.

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