FreeTDS on OpenSuse 11.4

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FreeTDS on OpenSuse 11.4

Postby trevrobwhite » Wed Jul 25, 2012 8:32 am

Hi all,
I'm tearing my hair out with this issue so I hope someone can help (thanks in advance).

I've got server running OpenSuse 11.4, I've managed to install FreeTDS as I need the MSSQL and Sybase drivers however the server comes prebuilt as a VmWare with PHP and there is no php configure file.

It's on PHP version 5.3.5, I've tried building a new version of PHP but it doesn't replace the old I expect this is because PHP is installed into a strange location.

Is there any way I can add this extension driver so I can connect to a MSSQL DB without replacing my PHP installation?

I tried attaching my PHP Info file but it doesn't seem to allow any extensions.

Many thanks in advance again. :D

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