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Sat May 05, 2012 11:10 am


Me and a friend of mine are working on a community website.
The website is intended to unify different youtube communities.
We are making the site from scratch and try to create everything ourselves and bring the users a high quality experience on the website.
The website is still in development and far from the first release date, especially because we wanna make everything ourselves, for example we will be creating a forum, chat etc. from scratch.
Since we are both really busy with either school or work we need someone to help us with the code.
We will offer you a fair share in the profits of the website, this will depend on the amount of work that you will put in the website. But it would be around 20% of the profits. Also it is a good way to test your php skills, learn something new and of course gain experience. What do we expect from you: advanced knowledge of php, and advanced knowledge of HTML and CSS, Javascript is not required, but it would certainly be nice if you would at least have some basic knowledge of javascript, since we use quite some effects and user interactive shizzle.
So if you would like to work on this project, have a good time and maybe even make some money, please send me a e-mail with the following information: Name and Age, something about yourself, your coding skills (languages, specialities etc.), timezone, (optional) some examples and maybe something else we need to know about you?
We prefer somebody from our age (around 20) and it would be cool if you would live in roughly the same timezone (we both live in Europe GMT +1).
If you want some more information about the project just ask me (pm, e-mail, skype etc.).

Thanks in advance,
Sam kool & Corey Masslock
Skype: viper94x
E-mail: <<---- send your responses to this e-mailadress so I can respond as quickly as possible
Skype: maikuthe1

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