Need Manga crawler and img downloader | $3/volunteer

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Need Manga crawler and img downloader | $3/volunteer

Postby gearsgod » Fri Apr 13, 2012 7:46 pm

PAYMENT will only be sent from a paypal to a paypal upon satisfaction of script (meaning no half ass thing that barely does its job and messes up alot), otherwise you may do it for free if you would like ^.^


I need something quick and easy where I can point to a url where the first page of a manga is at and it will crawl it and download each page till it reach's the end of it, the name format would be:
[name of manga].#.[image type here]
where # = number used in php script for exmp $count = 0 / $count++ <-this on each image download for that manga.

also uses mysql for storing anything that needs to be saved between each run, like page number for the manga.

and they are all saved in folders marked as the manga name.
needs to crawl let say 10 pages before it saves it spot and then picks it back up on next run.
once it runs outta imgs it puts a stopper value in mysql for that manga, so later i can change the value for when a new chapter comes out and can then download the new imgs.

it saves each url of each page for each manga, so when i recrawl a manga it skips everything i already did, yes i know it could just pickup where it left off, but this way i can be sure i wont end up with double manga pages.

simple web interface will work, just links and input boxs with submit buttons and text? sure will work, just going for useability here not pazza.

why do i want this? well I want to be able to take my manga with me sometimes, but having to find a source to download can be hard and torrents are not reliable source. this way I can set my server to crawl and download manga off my fav site, then in the morning iam good to go.

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Re: Need Manga crawler and img downloader | $3/volunteer

Postby minimihi » Sun Apr 15, 2012 12:57 pm

Have done basic part in C# when I couldn't find archives for .hack/G.U.+ manga.
I could try searching for it in my archives and try to expand it for fun :D

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