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backup plan

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backup plan

Postby rubb3rfunk » Thu Mar 29, 2012 5:11 pm


My company have a website running and now thinking of backup plan. The website has news, classifids, forum, blog,,, so in the directory, what will be changed daily is image folder. I want to copy the site and backup in a remote host. Question is what will be a appropriate time frame to have full backup? And what to do between full backups? I think I can restore the site when needed if it's full backup, but not idea what to do if it's incremental or defferential. The best and easiest way is to have backup in daily separated folders (e.g. named 20120329) and when restoring needed, just use this whole directory and database backup to set up. Backup database has already done so only need to copy them to remote host.

Much appreciated if I can get step-by-step advise.
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New php-forum User
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Re: backup plan

Postby egami » Fri Mar 30, 2012 7:44 am

There has always been issues and debates about full and incremental in the IT world since the inception of "backups".

First, let me explain the problem.
As you know, a full backup will take everything and put it somewhere.

An incremental will only take the changes that it knows about from the last time it did any kind of backup, whether it was a full or an incremental.

Now, here's where the real problem begins, as if the above sentance wasn't enough of one already.
If you have a corrupted backup of any of the incrementals between the full and the time of recovery, you're screwed. You can't recover from an incremental that was partial; therefor the data is now inconsistant from last known good state.

If you're doing CRC and other checksum checks on the data WHILE it's being recorded.. and you store the media in a safe, protected place, AND you know where it is to find it.. well.. incrementals MIGHT work. But my experience is that no matter how secure you think you are in making sure the backups were successful.. media can change from the time the job is done, until the time the tape/media is moved from the device to the storage area.

My advice:
Do a FULL backup of production every day.
Don't use the same media more than 3 times.

I use RAID 1+0 on all production devices.
I do FULL Backups every day, DISK to DISK (MUCH FASTER) from production servers to SAN storage arrays, and then I backup the SAN storage devices to not interfere with performance from production.

Once a month do a restore from your backup situation to a fake prod server and test functionality.

Hope this helps..
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Re: backup plan

Postby rubb3rfunk » Sun Apr 01, 2012 2:15 pm

Thanks egami for your detailed advice.
Our sites are currently hosted on VPS and what I am planning is to have full-backup daily on remote server automatically with use of rsync. And keep the full-backups 7 daily, 4 weekly and 12 monthly. Soon after finish rsyncing between 2 servers, archive the synced copy site with the date. So it won't take long.
I am still a newbie and don't have great knowledge about recovering site from backup but I can do it if I have full-backup. Hope this is not far away from professional and industry way.
It's good idea to test restore once in a while. I will do that.
Many thanks.
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New php-forum User
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