about func. replaceBlock()

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about func. replaceBlock()

Postby peppevh » Mon Feb 13, 2012 10:34 am

First, sorry for my english (so bad!!)
I have a problem with a example using replaceBlock() function.
This following code dont run and i dont know why, i try in a lot of way ... but nothing
Someone can help me building a correct example using the replaceBlock function?

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   require_once "HTML/Template/ITX.php";
   $msg = "numero 1";
   $a = 3;
   $template = new  HTML_Template_ITX("templates");
   $template->loadTemplatefile("about_today1.tpl", true, true);
   print $a;
   print "<br>";
   if ($a > 2)
      $template->replaceBlock("PROVA", "about_today3.tpl", true);   
   $template->setVariable("MESSAGE", $msg);

about_today1.tpl :

Code: Select all


      <title>About today</title>
      <!-- BEGIN PROVA -->
      <!-- END PROVA -->


about_today3.tpl :

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Sono3: {MESSAGE}

... the condition if ($a > 2) is true, but the block in not replaced correctly and the page is blank
maybe i use not corrctle the function, but i try again in a lot way.
Thank you.

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