HELP-Migrate site from iis6 2 iis7 and php4.4.4 to a new one

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HELP-Migrate site from iis6 2 iis7 and php4.4.4 to a new one

Postby gontirndade » Thu Jan 26, 2012 3:45 am

Hi all,
I have a problem and needed some help.
I have a server (windows 2003) with iis6 and php 4.4.4, and an internal Web site that connects to a sql 2008 database. The site works perfectly, I can make it through queries to the database sql.
The site works on windows 2003 server with iis6, php 4.4.4, and uses the ISAPI with mssql.
The problem is that the server is old, and I need to install the site database + sql + iis the new server.
The new server is a Windows 2008, IIS7, and the version of php 4.4.4 does not work on windows 2008.
I have to install everything, migrate the database, install the php and IIS7.
Migrate the database and install II7, is not the problem, the problem is in php.
IIS7 does not accept mssql and the site is all done in php 4.4.4. How can I put the site on IIS7 without problems.
I've tried to put the site there, but I can not connect to the database.
I can run php info, no problem. I can run the main page of login, but when I put the data, user and password, it does not turn on.
I'll have to change some PHP programming?
I do not know much about php, so any help is needed.
2003 The server does not use apache or mysql. He has installed SQL Server 2008, iis6 and php 4.4.4 only. Since it is internal Web site, do not need apache.
Thank you.

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